Strategic PR, as it should be. No retainers. No fuss. Just meaningful results.

For the past decade, LaunchTeam has built a highly curated global network of entrepreneurs, expert service-providers, investors, and startups in various sectors. Our clients have raised over $500 million. We now can apply that PR network to serve individuals as well as companies. 

After working with 100+ tech companies and dozens of authors, we've refined our PR offering to be focused on delivering quick and effective media coverage. Using our network of journalists, contributors, and editors, we offer defined packages of PR placements that help companies build an SEO presence, social proof, and topical authority. We do this without retainers. If our initial goals are not met, we offer prorated discounts based on performance.

Tier 1 Media

This is a sampling of Tier 1 Media placements we have secured for clients through our press outreach service.

  • Forbes
  • Inc
  • Entrepreneur
  • MarketWatch
  • Fast Company
  • Reuters
  • The Next Web
  • Fortune
  • The Boston Globe
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Financial Times
  • Mashable
  • Money
  • Engadget
  • TechCrunch
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Yahoo News
  • HackerNoon
  • VentureBeat  

Tier 2 Media

This is a sampling of Tier 2 Media placements we have secured for clients through our press outreach service. Many are just as effective as Tier 1 publications, but are more niche. 

  • Thrive Global
  • TechBullion
  • TG Daily
  • Investopedia
  • Buzzfeed
  • The Street
  • Tech in Asia
  • E27
  • ZeroHedge
  • Finance Magnates
  • Influencive
  • The Drum
  • Benziga
  • Business 2 Community
  • Finance and Markets
  • InsiderMonkey
  • KnowTechie
  • Oracle Times
  • TechWorm
  • Future Sharks
  • Patch
  • DigBoston  


This is a sampling of blockchain-specific media placements we have secured for clients through our press outreach service. 

  • CCN
  • 8BTC
  • AMB Crypto
  • Blockonomi
  • BTC Currencies
  • BTC Manager
  • Coin Gape
  • Coin Reviews
  • CoinCentral
  • CoinDoo
  • Coinist
  • CoinPedia
  • CoinSpeaker
  • Coinstaker
  • Crypto Daily
  • Cryptocoin.News
  • CryptoNewsZ
  • CryptoRadar
  • CryptoSlate
  • Cryptosrus
  • CryptoVest
  • Invest in Blockchain
  • The Bitcoin News
  • ZYCrypto  

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we choose a traditional PR firm, or a service like LaunchTeam PR?  

This depends on your goals and budget. Most large PR firms start retainers at $15,000 per month for basic services and closer to $25,000 per month for more in-depth services. Despite these hefty price tags, companies need to onboard (and pay!) for 2-3 months before seeing any results. Also, these retainers typically do not have guaranteed deliverables outlined.  

Although we recommend having an in-house marketer or coordinator in some cases, it is not always a good use of funds. Good PR networks come with a steep price tag because they take time to develop and maintain.  

We provide quick, actionable, and defined deliverables, typically in just one month and at the same price range of a one-month retainer at large PR firms. Our service is results-driven. We do not focus on traditional or legacy platforms like radio or TV. We hyper-focus on delivering online media placements fast. 

Can we choose which publications we get published in?  

In some cases yes, depending on the publication. We can’t guarantee specifics in some cases as this is purely dependent on the company, story, news, editorial guidelines, timing, etc. Our outreach is organic in that sense. What we will do is guarantee a certain amount of placements within each tier bucket with recommendations of what would work best for your company.

I see many services like this. What makes LaunchTeam PR different?  

In short, we are marketers, content writers, and in some cases even work for publications writing thought leadership pieces. While we can’t and won’t write under our own bylines, we have a network of peers that need expert commentary and analysis for what they write.  

Also, we are all native English speakers and over-communicators. You won’t need to deal with any offshore contact or placement provider. We are based in Los Angeles. We deliver what we promise and can back that up with client testimonials by request.

What happens if you miss a placement or don't deliver on what you've promised?  

In the unlikely case that we do not deliver what we promise, that portion of the contract value will be prorated 100% in full. This will be outlined in the contract. Alternatively, we offer other placement options if you prefer that instead of a refund.  

Why are press placements important? 

  • Social Proof and Credibility
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • User Acquisition
  • Logo Usage in Decks and Websites (“as seen in”)
  • Proactive Reputation Management  

Can I expect additional traffic and site/visitor conversions from press placements?

The truth is that outside of groundbreaking news, press placements are not an effective way of generating substantial site traffic. Press should be considered one pillar of a broader marketing strategy that includes SEO/SEM, paid ads, events, social media, content, etc.

Good PR establishes credibility and awareness, which is necessary for most startups, especially those raising capital. Having a strong digital presence composed of reputable third-party publication coverage is one of the best ways to earn initial trust. 

What types of press placements do you offer?

  • Organic: not marked sponsored, written by a 3rd party
  • Paid: marked sponsored, can be a press release or article
  • Press Release: used to highlight important information
  • Interview: interview with a company executive
  • Thought Leadership: written by a company executive  

What are the next steps to working with LaunchTeam PR?  

Please fill out our project inquiry survey or get in touch with a LaunchTeam staff member directly.  

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