Our 50+ clients have raised over $500 million to date. We've been doin' it.

LaunchTeam works with over 250 broker-dealers, funds, angel investors, HNWIs, and family offices to bring the next generation of emerging tech companies to life.

LaunchTeam does not operate a fund or deploy capital directly into its portfolio companies. Instead, we act as a conduit between our clients and our network of trusted investment partners. Our direct network has committed over $30 million to our clients—who have gone on to raise over $500 million in total.

Capital is typically committed quickly from our partner network because we've already vetted the project. We set our clients up for success by designing quality investor materials, building a specific marketing strategy, and planning product development milestones that line up with the raise to create urgency.

We're experienced entrepreneurs who love working directly with founders and executive teams. When we enter into a service-based agreement with a company, we become part of their team, acting as part-time staff members as opposed to a third-party vendor. All of our contracts are customized to meet the specific needs of the client.

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Our Guiding Principles

There's a reason our fundraising service is selective. We believe in relationships and reputation. This goes both ways. If we work with the best companies, we look good (and vice versa). Our hope is that the LaunchTeam stamp of approval will become a positive indicator for your investors, partners, and employees. The following guiding principles help us select the ideal candidates to join our investment portfolio. 


Culture First

We only work with teams we love. After our initial interaction with founders, we always ask ourselves a simple, yet critical question: “Would we grab a drink with this team in a non-work-related environment?” We aim to be tightly integrated into the companies we serve, and this question helps us identify cultural fit. Ultimately, it ensures we’ll have fun working together to reach our goals.


Design is Everything

By this, we don't mean that design is the most important thing. We literally mean it is everything. If you're an engineer, you should be designing the most elegant code possible. If you're a sales person, you should be designing the best possible pitch. If you're in HR, you should be designing the most enticing company-aura imaginable. Most skills are commodities; easily replicated or interchanged. High-quality, pervasive design is the one common thread that separates good companies from great ones.  


No Fluff

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs. We aren't good at paper-pushing, but we're really good at doing meaningful stuff. We always aim to optimize efficiency and effectiveness. One without the other doesn't cut it. This means we aren't afraid to tell you how we really feel, and we expect you to do the same. We appreciate transparency, honesty, and respect.


Evoke Joy

We operate by a simple mantra: The only reason to be alive is to enjoy it. We aren't driven by money. We're driven by love. It's fairly easy to identify which companies follow this belief system and which ones do not. For us, this a core requirement for every employee, partner, investor, and client.

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