We launch bestsellers. Our success rate is 100% and our clients reach millions of readers.

Book Launch Programs

Book Launch Magic™

Book Launch Magic (BLM) is our most popular book launch service. Monthly pricing options give you the ability to run a professional launch at a fraction of the cost, and with far less of a headache.

Choose from three packages with different levels of service.

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Bulletproof Bestseller Launch™

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Our DIY bestseller course takes you through our process for launching a book successfully, but you're on your own. It's our lowest-cost option.

LaunchTeam Press Publishing™

Our publishing company is highly selective. It's by far our highest-touch offering. Tell us about your project and we'll reach out if we think it's a fit.

What We Do

Ideation and Content Creation

  • Outlining
  • Structuring and planning
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book design and build
  • Graphics and other assets

Launch Prep

  • Launch strategy
  • Marketing funnel
  • Facebook group management
  • Website design
  • Launch team buildout

Distribution / Marketing

  • Amazon setup
  • Publishing 
  • Distribution in airports and book stores
  • Events / Signing Tours
  • Podcast Tours
  • Live AMAs
  • BD and bulk-order sales
  • Ongoing marketing and growth strategies
  • Downstream revenue and customer-journey design