We launch paradigm-shifting books written by truly remarkable people.

Our book clients run the gamut, from self-published Amazon Bestsellers to placement on The Wall Street Journal Bestselling nonfiction list. We've worked with industry leaders already backed by major publishing houses, but many folks come to us with just an inkling of an idea. We're on deck to help you publish a book that makes you proud, regardless of where you are in the process (even if you don't have a big network!)

No matter your goals, we can help guide you through our proven launch process to foster a dedicated community of readers. We won't quit until you're satisfied with the result.

Featured Book Launches

Our Flagship Book Launch Package

The goal: #1 Amazon Bestseller in three relevant categories and 75+ customer reviews posted to your book's product page during launch week.

We'll take the time to get to know your book's message and build a landing page infrastructure to capture your growing readership. Then, through a comprehensive marketing campaign, we will nurture your budding fans to facilitate Amazon reviews during the week of your launch.

Writing & Coaching

No writer has ever published a book without extensive feedback from a team of trusted editors. Our publishing team, all former writing professors or bestselling authors, will help edit your book.

We'll give extensive comments and suggestions to ensure you're proud of your polished, error-free manuscript. We've done it all—content edits, copyedits, proofreading, indexing, even ghostwriting!

Book Design

The old saying can be brutally true—people DO judge a book by its cover (and its entire design!)

We're happy to consult on cover design, interior design, graphics, and formatting—or our team can do it all in-house for you! Tell us your ideas and we can get your book to hang with the best in the business.

Literary Agent Services

Dreaming of your book in your favorite local shop, or prominently displayed in the airport? No problem. We have a dedicated network of partners to make that happen. We'll negotiate the best deal possible for you and manage the distribution for print and eBooks.

Become a WSJ Bestseller

In tandem with a battalion of marketing partnerships and industry experts, we can get your book to place on the WSJ Bestselling nonfiction list. It takes an army to secure enough sales, but we've got the troops with proven track records to make it happen.

Leverage our network of remarkable minds to launch your Web3 vision. Let's change the world together.

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