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Book Launches

We'll help you design and launch a bestselling book that will strengthen your platform and brand.

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Expert Consulting

We'll work on a specific initiative or can provide ongoing support. Whatever you need.

Marketing & PR

We can facilitate PR, affiliate marketing campaigns, brand development, and more.


Our network of 250+ investment groups can help fund your project

Your Connection Agency

We take pride in cultivating relationships with industry leaders. Our network allows us to build your go-to-market dream team.

Book Reviewers

Gain third-party validation through our proven Amazon Bestselling book review process, leveraging 10,000+ eager readers and a step-by-step process we've refined over 50+ successful launches.

Production Team

We are your editors, designers, and writing coaches. Our team will turn your manuscript into a top-tier product—ready to publish. We work with elite publishers and we know exactly what they're seeking in terms of design.

Targeted Audiences

Every author has different goals. We take the time to strategize who you want to reach, why, and how to make it happen. It's not always about profits, and we'll help you understand why. Then we'll build out your marketing plan.

Sales Partners

We bring together a mesh-network of sales partners, finding the proper mix of resources for your desired outcome. We've helped authors hit multiple lists, including WSJ, USA Today, Amazon, and B&N.

Talk is Cheap. Proof is...Proof

We've worked with over 50 clients that have raised over $500 million. We have a proven track record of success. We act as a part of your team, not hired guns billing for hours.


Happy Clients

We work with founders, thought-leaders, brands, authors, and creators of all kinds. Our aim is to bring more joy into the world.


Talented Experts

We can support your efforts in community-building, UI/UX, copywriting, marketing, publishing, fundraising, and more.


Funded Startups

Our clients have raised over $500 million in startup capital since 2016, and we've launched dozens of bestselling books.


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