Big News! LaunchTeam has merged with Praise Token, Inc. to form Praise Media. 🎉


We help remarkable people launch remarkable things in Web3

Talk is Cheap. Proof is...Proof

We've worked with over 50 clients that have raised over $500 million. We have a proven track record of success. We act as a part of your team, not hired guns billing for hours.


Happy Clients

We work with founders, thought-leaders, brands, authors, and creators of all kinds. Our aim is to bring more joy into the world.


Talented Experts

We can support your efforts in community-building, UI/UX, copywriting, marketing, publishing, fundraising, and more.


Funded Startups

Our clients have raised over $500 million in startup capital since 2016, and we've launched dozens of bestselling books.

The LaunchTeam Collective™

Our launches are successful because we build early-adopter communities called Launch Teams. In a world dominated by tech, we're betting big on human relationships. The LaunchTeam Collective™ is a premium community that houses our most impressive network contributors. Our members are early adopters, founders, thought-leaders, and investors. We've built the platform with you in mind.

Leverage our network of remarkable minds to launch your Web3 vision. Let's change the world together.

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