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Become an Authorpreneur

Amplify your brand and business with a strategic book launch

Thousands of new books are launched every day.

Whether you’re self-publishing or not, marketing is your responsibility. How will your book get noticed?

The list of marketing channels continues to grow.

You can use Kickstarter, Thunderclap, ProductHunt, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram (just to name a few).

...but you still have one glaring problem.

None of those tools matter if you can’t somehow get the ball rolling. You need people to spread the word and get involved early.

You need a launch team.

Your friends and family won’t move the needle much. If you want meaningful traction, you need a launch team. A launch team is a curated group of super fans who are so excited about your book, they’ll do anything to make it fly.

So how does it work?

After creating a professional project page for your book, you can invite early adopters to participate in you pre-launch efforts. When it's time to launch, you'll already have a built-in fan base, which means more Facebook shares, positive reviews, and testimonials than you ever could have imagined. We also offer discounted services from publishing gurus and marketing experts, plus a host of exclusive resources, including interviews from bestselling authors, manuscript templates, and more.

Don't launch alone. If you want your book to succeed, you need a team.