The Institute


Helmed by a national hero and rugged individualist, the non-partisan Institute for Information Dissemination is billed to compile and fact-check the American media and political sphere. Don't worry, America, they will streamline the "most accurate" information directly to your inboxes. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Too bad insiders at the Institute have an agenda of their own...dissenters beware. Ignorance just might be bliss. This propaganda machine won't stop—no matter the cost.

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From the Author...

Hi! I'm Sam, a writing lecturer at Boston University. Being a professor was always my dream, but on a deeper level, it was about sharing my viewpoints with our youth. This desire to share has led me into a parallel and exciting career path as a true-to-life fiction author.

Why not turn my teachings into Black-Mirror-like fiction dramas as a way to expand my reach?

The Institute explores the corruption and greed driving many of our biggest institutions, most notably the US Government. I'm excited to share it with you.

—SAM SARKISIAN, Professor of Writing at Boston University and author of The Institute