If we are truly happy as individuals, we are more likely to succeed together.

People often ask, “What does LaunchTeam do?” The short answer is that we launch things—like books, online courses, events, podcasts, apps, sites, and even entire companies. But that's not the whole story. The letter below from our Founder will better demonstrate our culture. If you don’t like tragedy, don’t read this.

My Quarter Life Crisis and Escaping Suicide

Written by Jesse Tevelow, Founder and CEO

I co-founded my first company at age 23. We banked millions of dollars, but I was never happy. After spending my twenties building a successful business that made me miserable, I had a quarter-life crisis. I battled insomnia, lost weight, and fell into deep depressions that would last for months.

When I was 30, I left the company and decided to become a writer. I wrote bestselling books and signed international publishing deals to share my philosophies with the world. I felt happy for a moment, but the books weren't paying the bills. My stress began to mount again and my depression worsened, triggering anxiety attacks and fits of rage. 

Around this time, my father died from a rare form of bone cancer that ate him alive from the inside out. Watching your own father decay in front of you will make you think about the finality of life. It will make you question what we're all doing here on this spinning rock.

In my mid-thirties, I was contemplating suicide. I couldn't find a good answer for why I should stay alive vs. explore the frontier of death. Then my younger brother, who was also suicidal, smashed his car head-on into an 18-wheeler. A few months later, I found out that my wife-to-be was pregnant.

The Simple Realization that Changed my Life Forever

The crushing losses I've experienced in my life have recalibrated my priorities. I finally realized at 38 years old that most of us are chasing an impossible end-goal called "success." We try to be successful so we can feel happy instead of trying to feel happy so we can be successful. And so we live our lives for others instead of living it for ourselves. We live for acceptance, for money, for fame. What about going straight to the source? Why not start with happiness?

My life today is totally different than it was before my daughter was born. I own my business outright. We haven't taken any investment from outside parties, so we aren't beholden to anyone but ourselves. The firm has worked with over 50 clients who have raised over $500 million, and we only work with teams we like. Endless growth is not our goal. We try to keep the business small, but powerful. Our goal is freedom. Our company is flat. There is no hierarchy and there are no managers, which means everyone on the team is a talented leader. 

My daughter, Mia, turns six weeks old today as I’m writing this. My wife is by my side. I spend time with them whenever I want. I work with who I want, when I want, and so does everyone else on our team. In other words, the company is designed to protect the self first, not the business. If we are truly happy as individuals, we are more likely to succeed together.

This view has allowed my company to thrive, even when COVID-19 changed the world forever.

I live my life by a simple credence: "The only reason to be alive is to enjoy it." We want more people to live with that in mind, and to help them do it. This is why we launch amazing things and help power the infrastructure for the future of work. To live our passions freely. To bring power back to the individual. And to evoke joy.

Seeing the Future

In 2016, I saw the future. Here’s what I wrote:

"The world is changing. Power is shifting from the corporation to the individual. Technology has lowered the barrier-to-entry for entrepreneurs, creating an environment where nearly anyone with a computer and an internet connection can thrive. I call this The Creation Age, where Creators suddenly have leverage over Gatekeepers." 

This has never been more true than it is in our post-coronavirus world. 

More employees are staying at home and doing side gigs as time allows. Others are working for themselves as consultants or through an agency. Talented experts who were laid off are doing project-based work in between jobs. The gig economy is booming.

Today, we provide an entire suite of tools and services for this new army of consultants and service providers. We bring the best and brightest into our members-only network of Expert Partners, or we hire them.

Although it may sound like we exclusively serve individual entrepreneurs and startups, this is far from the truth. Every company at every stage should be working on one or more launches at any given time. You should either be prepping to launch something new—or launching it. We can work with anyone. If you need help launching something, let us know and we’ll see how we can help. And if you're wondering when you should engage with us, the answer is always the same: "Yesterday would have been better, but today will do!"

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And remember—the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.

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