The LaunchTeam Collective™

We've worked with over 50 companies who have collectively raised over $500 million. We've also launched over a dozen #1 bestselling books for our clients, who include Olympic champions, venture capitalists, and founders of 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses. Our launches are successful because we build early-adopter communities called Launch Teams.

In a world dominated by tech, we're betting big on human relationships. The LaunchTeam Collective™ is a premium community that houses our most impressive network contributors. Our members are early-adopters, founders, thought-leaders, and investors. We've built the platform with you in mind.

After joining the LaunchTeam Collective™, you'll be able to participate in future launches that catch your eye, run your own launches, join targeted mastermind groups, get qualified leads from the LaunchTeam network, and more. You'll also get special perks for participating in launches, including pre-launch access to new products, direct communication with the creators, and even cash prizes or other bonuses.

While most communities tend to get stale, we're always launching something new, which creates movement. With every launch, we see new partnerships developing between members, and so the network continues to generate value over time. We're a #givefirst community because we know the power is in the network. We hope to see you inside. 

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