We're not building a company. We're building a profitable tribe.

The photo above was taken somewhere in the Mohave desert on October 12th, 2019. It is the day our founder, Jesse (pictured above in the center) proposed to his wife, Tori (pictured above to Jesse's right). This is significant because the proposal was done under a full moon. Jesse and Tori had a tradition of dancing under the light of the full moon with friends, and this often happens on weeknights. Because LaunchTeam has no official business hours and no official work requirements, it's easier for Jesse and Tori to keep this important part of their personal life intact.

We aren't like most companies—and we're happy about that. We've created a distinct culture that naturally attracts our kind of people. Are you among them?

We're creating a new definition for 'work'

LaunchTeam is predicated on a simple belief—that joy is the most powerful currency on the planet. For that reason, we see work as anything that brings joy and potential profitability to ourselves and the company. We are simply a profit-generating tribe.

We don't use titles or seniority to determine a pecking-order inside the company. The organization is flat. There are no bosses or managers. We have unlimited time-off, and even mandatory time-off baked into our employee benefits packages. We offer bi-annual profit sharing to everyone in the company. We work where we want, when we want, and how we want. There are no business hours. And we hate meetings.

Sounding like your type of place? View our full cultural handbook to learn more.

We're bringing new Experts into the network all the time

Just so you know, our company is quite lean in terms of fulltime employees, but we also have an army of LaunchTeam Experts and interns who are treated exactly the same from a cultural standpoint. We're looking for self-starters, talented founders who have extra time on their hands, entrepreneurs looking for their next big thing to work on, and agencies or investment funds that can serve our network of companies.

We love working with thoughtful companies

Our culture extends to our partners and clients. We're looking for teams who understand the value of deep relationships, win-win partnerships, and the new way of getting things done. If our culture appears to fit with yours and you need more resources, please get in touch!